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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost for a call out?

A: Our charges vary according to the type of work involved, minimum out of hours charge begins from £35:00.

Q:Our water pressure is very low, what do you recommend?

A: We would check the pressure into the property and then make recommendations to remedy the situation.

Q: Am I responsible for my drains?

A: All domestic property owners are responsible upto where it connects to the main drain, usually in the middle of the highway.

Q: Can I claim for blocked drains from my insurance company?

A: Each insurance company varies on policy wording, our success rate is quite good using our insurance reporting facility.

Q: We are buying a house, should I have a drain survey?

A: If the house is over 10 years old and not covered by NHBC scheme then yes.

Q: Why won't the council clear my drains?

A: The responsibilty for drains lies with the local water authority upto the point of entry to a property and then it is the owners problem.

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